Lumbar Sympathetic BlockBACK

Lumbar sympathetic block is the injection of local anaesthetic to a special group of nerves (sympathetic nerves) located in front of spine. These nerves control blood circulation, temperature and sweating in lower limb. They normally do not conduct pain signals from leg. In some specific chronic pain conditions like complex regional pain syndromes, shingles, peripheral neuropathy and peripheral vascular diseases these sympathetic nerves may relay pain signals from lower limbs to spinal cord and brain. You may be suffering from leg pain and associated findings like abnormal skin sensitivity, changes in skin colour, swelling, redness, hot/cold limb, and reduction in joint movement, muscle wasting and changes in nail / hair growth or sweating.

A lumbar sympathetic block can reduce your pain; we use this injection for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. The pain relief can last for weeks to months. We may offer series of injections to achieve consistent relief. This can be followed up with further neuroablative (RF) procedures in future or spinal cord stimulator implant surgery.

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DateSeptember 24, 2014