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What is Superior Hypogastric plexus Block?
Superior Hypogastric Plexus block is an injection of local anaesthetic +/- steroid to a special group of nerves (sympathetic nerves) located in front lower lumbar vertebrae (spine).

This injection is offered to patients with chronic pelvic pain where all the other treatment modalities have failed. This block might be helpful in pain originating from penis, urethra, prostate, testis, bladder, vulva vagina, uterus, descending colon, rectum, & perineum. This injection may also be helpful in pain syndromes secondary to endometriosis, radiotherapy injury or metastatic cancer in pelvis.

superior-hypogestricSuperior Hypogastric plexus blocks are used to control pelvic pain in patients who have found little relief from oral medications or who have found the side-effects from oral medication to be unpleasant. It can also help with pain secondary to endometriosis, radiation injury, and cancers that metastasize to the pelvis. The superior Hypogastric plexus is a retroperitoneal structure, extending bilaterally, just anterior to the vertebral column between the lower third of L5 and the upper third of the S1 vertebral bodies.

A superior Hypogastric block is used for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. The pain relief can last from few weeks to few months. We may offer series of injections to achieve consistent relief. This can be followed up with further neuroablative procedures in future.

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DateSeptember 24, 2014