Dr Ravindranath T Parekodi

Dr Ravindranath T Parekodi

Consultant Anaesthesiologist & Specialist in Pain Management

Dr Ravindranath T Parekodi is extensively experienced and qualified both in India (Bengaluru, Belgaum, Hubli and Mumbai) and in the United Kingdom (London and Sheffield).

He worked as Permanent Pain Consultant at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, Sheffield, UK for 18 months after completing his fellowship in pain by Faculty of Pain, Royal college of Anaesthesia, London, UK.

He has over 16 years of extensive experience in Anaesthesia, Acute and Chronic Pain management. 

He returned to India to provide safe effective and affordable care.
He does a comprehensive assessment before offering various treatment options that tailors to patient needs. His ultimate goal is to improve quality of life of patients by providing effective pain management.  Apart from being proficient in multiple interventions he is one of the few pain consultants who can perform Spinal Cord Stimulation/ Neuromodulation in whom spinal surgery has failed to relieve their pain symptoms.

He is highly enthusiastic and hardworking doctor with multilingual communication skills.